ADUnlocker is a useful tool for Administrators to provide non-technical users the ability of having a simple program that to unlock their end users from the network with out having to provide them with a complicated Active Directory GUI. This software only shows users that are locked out. Why tell your users to wait 10-15 mins for replication between Domain Controllers when this tool will instantly unlock users from all the domain controllers. This free version is limited to just 5 locked users and three domain controllers. Simply select the user you wish to unlock and then select Unlock. Once the user is unlocked the tool will automatically refresh to show only users that are locked out. This tool is perfect for helpdesk or IT Support teams.
Configuration of this software is simple. Included with the download are two “ini” files that configure your Domain Controllers and Domain Name. The domain.ini file requires that the first line be the name of your domain for example Then the second line must be in LDAP format for the LDAP query to work for example DC=microsoft,DC=com. You can designate a single OU for which accounts you would like to unlock for example. OU=Users,DC=Microsoft,DC=com. The dc.ini file requires that you add at lease one domain controller. You can add up to three domain controllers. This version is limited to only viewing only 5 Locked users and 3 domain controllers. If yo wish to have more users and domain controllers you will need to purchase the pro version