Passkey Portable (PK)

By | April 2, 2020

The ultra portable password keeper.

Many of the password keeping applications are complicated and a pain to use so I created this one to make it easier for people to store their passwords. The software will ask you to enter a passphrase at the beginning which is what will encrypt your passwords into a text file in the application folder called pass.dat.

This portable software allows you to store your password in a secure encrypted file which is all transportable via cloud storage like one drive or dropbox or on your network files server. The software is simple, easy to use and lightweight. Create and run more than one instance of the application with a different software title for each instance for work, home or school. The functionality to run your own password synchronization server is still under development which will allow you to be less dependent on cloud-based services. Use the import or export function to send the encrypted string via email or print and save it as a text file in a safe.

Download Passkey Portable
Download Passkey Portable

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