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By | April 2, 2020

This software is created freely for use. I developed this software as an aid to help with the marketing and communications to homeowners and residents vendors, or information providers a tool to track communication or visits made to an address. Many times the same address is visited often causing the homeowner to become irradiated. This software allows for the tracking of visits and helps to organize information that can be shared with others. 

This software auto update with bug fixes and enhancements from the AWS Cloud.

Data is pulled from two different public sources. This data is then sorted by Street and/or City. You also hide fields that are no needed. You also print your reports to share with others or save trees and print them to PDF.

Download House 2 House - H2H
Download House 2 House - H2H

Note: You may notice some security warning when installing this software. You can choose to ignore these warnings in order to install the software. The reason these warnings are happening is that I do not have the funds to purchase a programming certificate which will tell windows this program is legit. I will keep looking for ways to improve the process but I hope that you find this tool useful.

How to use video:

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