Active Directory Replication

Fixing issues with active directory.

First check your FSMO rolles and ensure that all domain controllers are up and running using the following command.

netdom query fsmo

Check that your replication is working using the following commands.

repadmin /syncall

repadmin /replsummary

repadmin /queue

repadmin /kcc

You can also check for any issues using Active Directory Replication Status Tool, link provided here.

If you have errors you will want to demote and promote your domain controller however you must make sure that all your fsmo roles are on your primary domain controller before you demote the secondary. Search google for further info on seizing fsmo roles to your primary domain controller.

Helpful SIA Commands

Using siad with Ubuntu linux is a bit of challenge but it can be achieved. Using the info on the internet here are some commands.

Your api password can be found here.

To run a command you will need to include your API password,
$./siac –apipassword {enterapipassword}

To see your host status
$./siac –apipassword {enterapipassword} host

To unlock your wallet
$./siac –apipassword {enterapipassword} wallet unlock

To remove the API password add “–disable-api-security”
ExecStart=/home/siad/Sia/siad –disable-api-security
systemctl stop siad.service
systemctl daemon-reload